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LeaderTech PowerMessaging

LeaderTech PowerMessaging product suite currently offers two customizable products: LeaderTech PowerMESSENGER and eSURVEY. These in-product customer messaging and communication apps can be tailored to deploy within your company’s apps or with a Leader Technologies provided standalone interface.

LeaderTech PowerMESSENGER app can be deployed in a number of ways to meet your communication’s objectives: in-product, via API, direct-to-desktop or a hybrid mix of any of the above. With PowerMESSENGER, your information can be segmented and delivered by any available metric. Options can be provided to allow your customers to configure the messenger client application to receive just those topics of interest to them. They can also select the frequency at which they receive messages. User empowerment ensures your messages are viewed only by those customers who want to see them—placing a higher level of control in your customers’ hands and building brand loyalty.

LeaderTech eSURVEY*-Survey software embedded into your product. Our LeaderTech eSURVEY software seamlessly integrates into your Windows, Mac, Linux, Android or iOS application to collect software, hardware and peripheral information during the customer survey process. Our embedded systems typically run during product installation or during first use of a product, ensuring a higher probability that the user will participate. It can also be scheduled to deploy, desktop or in-product, surveys at any time interval to provide a snapshot of the customer experience with your product. Delivery schedule and content can be changed dynamically at any time through our back-end systems. We typically obtain survey participation rates of 30% to 70%.