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Products & Solutions

Does any of this apply to you or your company?
  • Are you looking to improve registration rates?
  • Is brand awareness important?
  • Is data lost amongst scattered and disparate databases?
  • NPS: Want to convert detractors to advocates?
  • Not sure who’s buying your product or why?
  • Need help segmenting customers?
  • Would you like to increase your sales revenues?
  • Want to engage your customer outside of email and inside of your product?
If so, Leader Technologies can help. powersurvey powerreg powerdata powermarketing powermessaging

Leader Tech PowerSuite Overview

Customer Experience Management (CXM) is the next evolution beyond yesterday’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) paradigm. CXM is the sum of all of the experiences your customer has had over the lifetime of their relationship with your company. From research and discovery to interaction and purchase, your customers can be cultivated far beyond the point where their purchase decision is made—converting an otherwise passive customer into an enthusiastic brand advocate. Leader Technologies offers a high-level, strategic toolset to our clients for their CXM initiatives.

LeaderTech AnchorData is a highly sophisticated, proprietary information product. It’s created when one of our LTI platinum products (eREG, mREG, eSURVEY, PowerMESSENGER) automatically collects serial number, operating system, installed peripherals information (where applicable) and sales channel information from a newly purchased product and appends it to traditional data a customer provides: name, email address, survey answers etc.–thereby establishing LeaderTech AnchorData.

All Leader Technologies PowerCXM products are designed to have four overarching objectives:
  • connecting you with your customers
  • providing insight into purchase and usage patterns
  • saving you time
  • increasing your revenues
Our automated, globally positioned tools help you understand who is buying your products and why. We engage your customers and help you identify what influences their buying decision and how to develop products with optimized appeal.

We make it easy to create an ongoing, consistent and effective stream of communication with your most valuable asset, your customer. Sell extended warranty programs or offer targeted accessories immediately after customers register their products or anytime thereafter. Use LeaderTech PowerEMAIL marketing service to create a stream of dynamic, targeted and triggered email messages that are delivered, for example, exactly one month before a warranty expires or when a customer is running low on disk space. Want to convert trial software users to paid customers? Leverage LeaderTech PowerTRANSFORMER. Want to bypass email and communicate directly with your customer? We provide tools you can use to reach your customers in-product, directly through your applications, on their desktop or on their mobile devices.

At Leader Technologies, our goal is to help you identify exactly who is purchasing and using your products and build a stronger one-to-one relationship with them, whether it’s through one of our standard products or with a customized solution.