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LeaderTech PowerSurvey products offers customizable, rule-driven solutions with a global reach, thereby maximizing participation and driving up completion rates. With LeaderTech PowerSurvey you can dynamically create surveys for specific users, products and languages and obtain real-time results. From desktop and mobile surveys to full-scale Net Promoter Score (NPS) systems, we can help you easily create surveys to obtain the information you need in order to align your marketing and communication programs toward targeted customers.

LeaderTech eSURVEY* - Survey software embedded in your product. LeaderTech eSURVEY software seamlessly integrates into your Windows, Mac, Linux, Android or iOS application to collect software, hardware and peripheral information in addition to your customerís survey responses. Our embedded systems typically run during product installation or during first use of a product, ensuring a higher probability that the user will participate. It can also be scheduled to deploy, desktop or in-product, surveys at any time interval to provide a snapshot of the customer experience with your product. Delivery schedule and content can be changed dynamically at any time through our back-end systems. We typically obtain survey participation rates of 30% to 70%.

Most importantly, our eSURVEY product captures highly valuable, proprietary LeaderTech AnchorData. LeaderTech eSURVEY can be deployed by you as a self-service product or Leader Technologies can provide a turn-key solution.

LeaderTech mSURVEY* - Survey apps deployed on mobile devices. Have you noticed unusual customer behavior, unable to determine the underlying cause generating the effect? LeaderTech mSurvey offers rapid deployment and delivers immediate feedback. Whether itís a one-time survey or an established along a preplanned nurture track, LeaderTech mSURVEY is your real-time connection portal to your customer.

LeaderTech webSurvey - Surveys conveniently delivered via email links.

All LeaderTech PowerSURVEY products offer:
  • Rapid deployment of localized, intelligent surveys anywhere in the world
  • Nurture tracks
  • Dynamic content and/or delivery based on any available metric
  • Social media links
  • Connections to product ratings
  • *Provides LeaderTech AnchorData
In addition, Leader Technologies offers customized solutions to fit your unique product registration challenges and objectives. Contact us to learn more.

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