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Frequently Asked Questions.
General Questions
Reminder Scheduler
Internet Registration Error
Q) My Internet registration gave an error even though I'm sure I'm connected to the Internet. What do I do?

A) First, make sure your computer knows you're really on the Internet. Open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc.) and go to If that page comes up, we can move on to the next step. If that website doesn't come up, your computer doesn't know it's supposed to be on the Internet. Try rebooting and going back through your Internet sign-on procedure.

If the website came up, just try rebooting and registering again. Sometimes these types of issues will go away as mysteriously as they came upon rebooting.

If you can get to a website, you've rebooted, and still can't get your registration to go through, try a different type of registration if possible. Most of our applications support both email and Modem submission as an alternative to Internet

If you need to use the Internet registration, make sure you don't have any Internet Security or Firewall programs running. These programs are notoriously unreliable about allowing programs to access the Internet, even if you've told them to allow our application access. If you can't get your registration through even after allowing our program access to the Internet, turn off your Internet security or firewall completely for the minute or two it takes to register. This will get around any problems with the firewall and almost always fixes the problem.


Website Registration Error

Q) I was trying to register on a website and received an error. What does that mean?

A) If you see an error on one of our websites saying 'Internal Server Error' or something to that effect, the best thing to do is hit Back on your web browser and try again. If it doesn't go away, come back later and try it again. Unfortunately most website errors are very vague and uninformative so there's probably not much helpful information for either you or us on the page. They can be caused by any number of problems and they'll almost always go away after a time. If you see an error that you think we should see, please copy it and paste it into an email to along with what time you saw the error. This will help our technical staff track down the problem.


Credit card charges
Q) Why does my credit card statement have a charge from Leader Technologies on it?

A) There are only a couple of reasons why you would ever see Leader Technologies on your credit card bill. If your charge does not meet one of these criteria, please let us know.

  • If you have a charge for $7.95 or $9.95 and the name on the charge is 'Leader Technologies / Seiko' then the charge is for a BoomerangIt Lost-and-Found service you signed up for on a Palm or Seiko product.
  • If you have a charge for $79.95, $49.95 or $34.95 plus $5.00, $7.50, $10.00 or $15.00 for shipping and the name on the charge is 'Leader Technologies / Seiko' then the charge is for PowerMerge for the Macintosh.


Anitvirus Popup
Q) Why am I getting a popup saying I must upgrade or purchase an anti-malware or antivuris program?

A) If you are receiving messages on your computer from a program that is popping up and telling you that you must upgrade or purchase their anti-malware or antivirus program, this has nothing to do with our company, Leader Technologies. Unfortunately, in one of the screens that is displayed to you, it includes one of our legitimate web addresses, The only help we can provide you is that running any anti-virus program you have seems to fix the problem. We can point you to leading antivirus web sites to download their software if you do not already have an antivirus program. Some sites are:

If you have any other questions, or if you find a solution that works, please feel free to contact us as we would like to help others that are experiencing the same problem. You can send an email or call us at the following: Nelson Greenwood Office Number - 949-757-1787 Email -


Why should I register?
Q) Why should I register my products?

A) Every company provides different benefits for registered customers. The product you purchased will have details about the specific benefits provided to you but some examples of benefits include; allowing manufacturers to keep you informed of important updates, provide you with special technical support access, providing you with special offers and discounts for registered customers only, and keeping you informed of new information about your product.

All information provided by registering is kept strictly confidential and you'll never receive any information you don't request.


Confirmation email
Q) What is this confirmation email I've received from or

A) If you've registered something for which Leader Technologies provides registration services you'll receive a confirmation email from one of those sites. These emails serve a few purposes. First, it allows us to communicate to you the benefits of your registration. In some cases, the emails also provide bonuses for registered users such as discounts on future purchases, free gifts, or access to special technical support. Lastly, the emails let you know how to unsubscribe from the mailings in the future if you should wish to.

Please be sure to save your confirmation emails in case you should need access to the information it contains.


Product Problem
Q) I'm having a problem with Product X which used your program to take my registration, can you help me?

A) Leader Technologies provides only the registration application used by the product you purchased. We cannot provide any support for the product itself. The manual for the product should have contact information for the product and we encourage you to make use of the experts provided by the manufacturers of the product.


Privacy policy
Q) What is your policy on providing my information to other companies?

A) Leader Technologies never provides any information to anyone except the company whose product you registered. Even then, we only provide information that you provided to us via the registration application. We take our customer's privacy very seriously as do the companies we work with. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.


Q) Is your program "spyware" or "adware"?

A) No, our programs are not spyware or adware in any way. Adware is a program that displays ads on your computer. We have nothing to do with displaying any advertising on your computer. Spyware is usually defined as a program that watches what you do without your knowledge and reports that back to some third party. Leader Technologies applications exist only to collect your registration information on behalf of a company whose product you installed. Once you've registered the product our application is never launched again. In addition, the only information we collect is that which you give to us. We never collect or report any information without your knowledge and approval.

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.


Startup folder
Q) I see a registration program installed in my Startup folder that I didn't install, how did it get there?

A) When you tell our registration application that you want to wait to register, a shortcut to the application is placed in your Startup folder. This is to make sure the application starts automatically after the specified amount of time to give you the chance to register. Once you register or tell the application you don't want to ever register, the shortcut is removed.


Q) How do I unsubscribe from future emails?

A) You can unsubscribe by going out to and entering your email address in the box provided. You will be removed from future emails instantly once you submit the form.


Q) One of your emails was marked as Spam in my email program. Are you sending me spam?

A) No. Spam is defined as unsolicited email and we only send emails to people who have registered a product through us and said they want to receive emails from us or the company whose product you registered.

Detecting spam is more art than science and is very difficult to do accurately. Your email program has no way of knowing that you said it was okay for us to send you email so if it sees an email from us and it happens to match some inexact criteria for being marked spam, it will be marked as such. Most email programs will allow you to "train" it or tell it which messages are not spam and the best thing to do is tell your email program that our emails are not spam. You can also add the sender's email address from the email to your address book. This should prevent them from being marked as spam in the future. But again, we would never send unsolicited email.


Mailing List
Q) How did I get on your mailing list?

A) We send opt-in email communications on behalf of our software registration clients. You opted-in to receiving additional email communication when you registered a product, or specified that you wanted to receive additional communication in your correspondence with one of our clients. If you want to remove yourself from future mailings, see the "How do I unsubscribe?" question in this FAQ.


Email Images
Q) I can't view the images in my email. How do I see them?

A) If you're using a web-based email such as Hotmail or Yahoo there should be a link available to turn on images. If you're using a standalone email program such as Mozilla Mail or Outlook Express go to the program's Options or View menu and turn on image viewing in emails. For more details, see your email program/companies support or help section about enabling images in HTML emails.


The Scheduler
Q) What is the scheduler.exe and what does it do?

A) Leader Technologies, provides a service that allows users of consumer products to register online (instead of mailing in a postcard registration/warranty form) the products they purchase from various manufacturers. If you have recently purchased and installed a product from one of our manufacturer customers, some of whom include Epson, Sony, Palm, Xerox, Adobe, Disney, H&R Block and many more, there is a registration application that runs during the setup or installation of the product asking you if you would like to register one of these products.

Along with any of these applications, the user has the option to NEVER REGISTER or REGISTER LATER. If REGISTER LATER is selected, the PowerReg Scheduler (scheduler.exe) is placed in the user's Startup folder and will remind the user about 14 days later to register. In some applications the text for the buttons may be slightly different, but the language is always clear and the effects are the same. An example might be "Register Later" versus "Remind me Later".

In newer applications, the separate reminder executable is replaced by a simple shortcut to the application itself. This shortcut adds a reminder flag during execution to let the application know it is not being run for the first time by the user. By creating a shortcut in the Startup folder the need for the separate executable is eliminated.

What is important to know is that this process is completely VOLUNTARY on the user's part. Leader Technologies DOES NOT place the scheduler.exe, or reminder shortcut in the case of newer applications, in the Startup folder on the computer without the user selecting the REGISTER LATER option. If the user does not want to register a product, they can simply select NEVER REGISTER, and the PowerReg scheduler executable (scheduler.exe) or reminder shortcut is NOT placed in the Startup folder on the computer.

Leader Technologies is doing nothing nefarious. We want to make it clear what it is our company does and the services we provide to both our manufacturer customer and the end user. Leader Technologies simply trying to make it easier for end users to register a product purchased from one of our manufacturer customers. We are not trying to secretly grab information or do anything that would infringe on a user's privacy whatsoever. The entire registration process is voluntary and data is only collected when the user submits the registration data.

If there are any questions on any of the products and services offered by Leader Technologies, please call 949-757-1787 and ask for Nelson Greenwood or send an email to


Scheduler Exposed
Q) How does the Reminder Scheduler work?

A) The reminder scheduler is part of the Leader Technologies electronic registration process. It is invoked when a user is registering and elects to resume the registration at a later time.

At the time registration is canceled, the path to the e-reg executable, and the date and time to remind the user is written to the registry.

In addition, a small executable file is written at the time the user cancels.

This file is written to the user's start menu. When the next reboot occurs the reminder scheduler executable runs for a short time to determine if there are any reminders that are past due.

If a reminder is found that requires action, the appropriate e-reg is launched. If no reminders are found, the application exits and consumes no further memory, resources, etc.

This executable is not spy-ware. It does not query the user's machine for any hardware or software information. It simply maintains and executes reminders initiated by the user when they click on a 'Remind Me Later' button during the registration process.

As a final note, the user is presented with a remind me later button alongside a never register button. This allows the user to exit e-reg without scheduling a reminder.


Scheduler and System Information
Q) Is this program grabbing system information?

A) No, the scheduler program looks to see if a registration application should be run to remind a user to register a product. Part of the registration form may include information about a user's system, but this is displayed to the user and the user has the option to send this information or not as part of their product registration record.


Scheduler and Cookies
Q) Is the scheduler.exe a cookie?

A) No, the scheduler is not a cookie, it is an application. According to a cookie is:

Computer Science. A collection of information, usually including a username and the current date and time, stored on the local computer of a person using the World Wide Web, used chiefly by websites to identify users who have previously registered or visited the site.

Please read "What is the scheduler.exe and what does it do?" to learn more about the scheduler.exe.


Deleting the Scheduler
Q) What happens if I delete the scheduler.exe?

A) You will no longer be asked to register any products that the reminder scheduler keeps track of. By deleting it, however, you may also give up any benefits gained by registering those products. You can delete the scheduler by following these two steps:

    1. In Windows, open the 'Startup' items folder
    2. Delete* the scheduler.exe
* Deleting the scheduler.exe will not harm your system in any way.


Registering Your Product
Q) Do I have to register my product?

A) In most cases, product registration is voluntary. However, electing not to register may prevent you from being notified about product updates, special rebates and other offers. In cases where the user must register to use a product, this is clearly explained to the user.


Other Reminders
Q) I don't have a scheduler.exe, but I'm still seeing reminders. Where are they coming from?

A) Depending on the application, the reminder may be implemented as a shortcut or a Task Scheduler entry instead of through the reminder scheduler executable. Here is how to look for and remove these:

  • Start Menu shortcuts (all Windows versions)
    1. In Windows, open the "Startup" items folder in your Start Menu.
    2. Look for items related to your product. For example, if you are seeing reminders for a MyProduct™ produced by MyCompany, look for a shortcut called “MyCompany Product Registration” or “MyCompany MyProduct Registration” or some similar name.
    3. Delete the registration reminder shortcut or move it to the Recycle Bin. Caution: Deleting unrelated items from your Startup items folder can cause other applications on your system to fail to start. Be sure to delete exactly the shortcut you intend. The reminder will not return on its own, but be aware that you may be asked to register again in the future if you reinstall drivers or software.

  • Task Scheduler Items
    1. If you are running Windows XP or earlier, you do not have any reminders in the Task Scheduler. Stop here.
    2. Open the Task Scheduler (found under Start Menu->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools).
    3. Expand the Task Scheduler Library on the left pane.
    4. Expand the Leader Technologies folder in the left pane. If you do not see a Leader Technologies folder, you do not have any registration reminders scheduled in the Task Scheduler. Stop here.
    5. Expand the PowerRegister folder in the left pane. If you do not see a PowerRegister folder, you do not have any registration reminders scheduled in the Task Scheduler. Stop here.
    6. Look for items related to your product. For example, if you are seeing reminders for a MyProduct™ produced by MyCompany, look for a task called “MyCompany Product Registration” or “MyCompany MyProduct Registration” or some similar name.
    7. Right-click the tasks you want to remove and choose Delete from the menu. Caution: Deleting unrelated items from your Task Scheduler can damage your computer. Be sure to delete exactly the task you intend. Do not delete anything outside the PowerRegister folder. The reminder will not return on its own, but be aware that you may be asked to register again in the future if you reinstall drivers or software.