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A carefully crafted registration process is the first step in developing that crucial one-to-one dialog between you and your customer. Our registration systems gather valuable information about who purchased your products, why they purchased them and how they use them. We can also help drive additional sales during the registration process by including targeted up-sell and cross-sell offers as part of the process. If you sell your products through retail stores, resellers or other non-direct sales channels, it's difficult to know exactly who is buying and using your products. Our automated, global electronic registration systems help you accurately identify these customers.

Leader Technologies offers four customizable PowerReg products:

LeaderTech eREG* — Registration software embedded in your product. LeaderTech eREG can be used to register computers, tablets, cell phones, hard drives and mobile apps. Our software seamlessly integrates into your Windows, Mac, Linux, Android or iOS application to collect software, hardware and peripheral information. Our embedded systems typically run during product installation or during first use of a product, ensuring a higher probability that the user will participate. They can also be scheduled to deploy at any other time. Delivery schedule and content can be changed dynamically at any time through our back-end systems. We typically obtain registration rates from 30% to 70%, as compared to the industry norm of 10 to 20%.

LeaderTech mREG* — Registration apps deployed on mobile devices. Do your customers use mobile devices? With LeaderTech mREG they can now use their device to quickly register any consumer product, allowing you to quickly and easily establish that critical dialog with your mobile customers. By leveraging QR codes, we can append customer entered information with your productís serial number and other important product-specific data.

LeaderTech webREG — Registration using any web browser; desktop or mobile. LeaderTech webREG can be integrated directly into your companyís website or can be hosted by Leader Technologies. We can send users to your registration site through any mechanism that can deliver a URL: web sites, search engines, email, in-box cards, etc. LeaderTech webREG is customizable and dynamic.

LeaderTech cREG** — Registration forms printed on traditional paper cards . Does your company rely on traditional, paper-based registration cards to provide you with the leads you need? Let LeaderTech cREG manage your paper cards for you, processing and integrating hard card data into any database format you require. We can accept any card format, any size and any questionnaire you currently ship.

More importantly, Leader Technologies is uniquely positioned to help you migrate those paper cards into a more streamlined, modern process ranging from traditional web-based registration systems to our newest innovation, the LeaderTech mREG mobile QR code platform.

All LeaderTech PowerREG products offer the ability to establish: In addition, Leader Technologies offers customized solutions to fit your unique product registration challenges and objectives. Contact us to learn more.

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