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Your customers arenít plants, so why treat them like one by subjecting them to drip campaigns? LeaderTech TouchPoint campaigns reach beyond the drip, empowering otherwise passive customers to become valuable brand advocates.

Our PowerMarketing suite allows you to build emails designed to trigger over time, based on events you select and customize to suit your needs. For example, POS (point of sale) information can be fed to our servers in real-time from multiple locations worldwide. Our servers analyze the information and deliver email content tailored to that particular transaction, creating a new TouchPoint for that specific customer. Our LeaderTech PowerEmail leverages images, text, URLs and other content to build resulting emails on the fly. Intelligent, dynamically generated emails offer superior results from the start and it provides continuous, incremental improvement over time.

LeaderTech TouchPoint campaigns are a snap to build and implement thanks to LeaderTech PowerEmail. Servers can be configured to send email at any desired frequency, for example: day 1, day 28 and day 120. As a record comes into our database it is processed accordingly and applicable rules are triggered. Should subsequent events occur during the lifecycle of the campaign the communication stream can be modified, terminated or reactivated at any time.
  • LeaderTech PowerTransformer
    • Transform trials software downloads to purchases
    • Boost conversions by 10% to 40%
    • Build brand evangelists by establishing dialog

  • LeaderTech PowerEmail
    • Dynamic business rules
    • Track click to conversion
    • Turn-key setup, management, and monitoring worldwide
    • Automated nurture tracks
Our solution delivers timely, accurate, global dialogs with your customers while leveraging customer insight to increase sales. We manage and deploy dynamic business rules that nurture customer relationships resulting in more brand advocates for your products.
  • Behavior based content & delivery
  • Automated timing, segmenting and testing on any metric
  • Track click to conversion to sale
  • Turn-key setup, management, delivery and monitoring worldwide